VS48 Series 2- Port Flaged Valve

Apply to closed circuits system of HVAC chilled water, low pressure hot water, domestic hot water, high pressure hot water, sea water, hot oil and saturate steam and so on.

  • Match to MET adjustable valve actuator precision casting with flanged connection to ISO7005
  • Operating Pressure: PN16
    Stroke: DN50 - DN80:20mm
    DN100 - DN150: 40mm
    Leakage Rate Through Port: 0 - 0.02%KVs
    Medium Temperature: -25 - + 180C
    Valve Characteristic: Equal-Percentage
    Range Ability: DN15 - 80>50/DN100 - 150>100
    Material Valve Body: WCB Carbon Steel
    Seat: 1Cr18Ni9
    Stem: 1Cr18Ni9
    Leaves: 2Cr13

    Selection Table:
    Type DN
    VS48.25 DN25/-15~130C/PN16
    VS48.40 DN40/-25~130C/PN16
    VS48.50 DN50/-25~130C/PN16
    VS48.65 DN65/-25~130C/PN16
    VS48.80 DN80/-25~130C/PN16
    Application: Water with anti-freeze, maximum 50%. For media, stem heating element is required.

    Note: products with “H” are special specification, please give type reference with type suffix, if required, e.g. VS49.65H

    Medium Temperature Sealing Gland Type Suffix
    Low-pressure hot water Up to 130C EPDM O-ring  
    High-pressure hot water Up to 180C PTFE(F4) H
    Thermo-oil Up to 180C PTFE(F4) H
    Saturated steam Up to 180C - 2000KPa EPDM O-ring  
    Super heated steam Up to 130C - 2000KPa PTFE(F4) H
    Chilled water/brine Down to -25C EPDM O-ring  

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