VE47 Series- 2 Port Valves

For chilled water, low-pressure hot water, domestic hot water, high-pressure hot water, brine and thermo-oil in close circuit.

For Max. 50% glycol.

    • Matching with MET... linear Modulating valve actuators.
    • Stainless steel precision casting.
    • Rp: Column internal threaded connecting
  • Opertating Pressure: PN16
    Stroke: 20mm
    Leakage Rate Through port: 0 - 0.02%Kvs
    Bypass 0.5 - 2%Kvs
    Medium Temperature -20 - +130C
    Valve Characteristic: Equal-percentage
    Range ability: DN15>50
    DN20 - 50>100
    Stem: Stainless Steel
    Plug: Bramm
    O-Ring: EPDM

    Selection Table

    VE47.20-6.3 DN20/6.3KVs(m3/h)PN16
    VE47.25-10 DN25/10KVs(m3/h)PN16
    VE47.32-16 DN32/16KVs(m3/h)PN16
    VE47.40-25 DN40/25KVs(m3/h)PN16
    VE47.50-40 DN50/40KVs(m3/h)PN16


    Water with anti-freeze, maximum 50%. For media, stem heating element is required.

    Medium Temperature Sealing Gland
    Hot Water Up to 140C EPDM O-ring
    Saturated Steam Up to 140C, 150KPa EPDM O-ring
    Chilled Water/Bring Down to -25C EPDM O-ring

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