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Super VZR

The SuperVZR is a versatile, high quality, easy to use, powerful and proven, complete web server based integrated Building Management System (iBMS) solution in a single compact package.

The SuperVZR can control, monitor, log, program, alarm and graphically display up to 254 networked, field device controllers per each network from a standard web browser. With BACnet and Modbus drivers built-in, the SuperVZR can easily interface with 99% of all other BMS sub systems.

  • Its economy and ease of use makes SuperVZR ideal for small to medium building projects such as Schools, Hotels, Hospitals, Day Care Centres, Office and residential complexes. However it is not limited to small systems as the SuperVZR is infinitely expandable with its use of standard Ethernet network.
    • Web server graphical, real time multi-protocol
    • BACnet and Modbus, 2000+ point transfer, monitoring, control, alarms, logging, trending, time scheduling etc. ... HMI Touch Screen Supervisor Range for economical solution.
    • Multiple communication port option for interfacing: - Ethernet, RS232, RS485, USB
    • BACnet and Modbus protocol interface for simultaneous real time point transfer.
    • Full User Access and Management Security control and audit trail logging.
    • 100's Multiple field device connection and 1000's of point read/write, log, alarm and trending capability.
    • Alarm events logging and display and or sent via email SMTP and/or SMS Text messages.
    • Simple and economical CompactFlash┬« Card expandable database capability.
    • Internal program to create powerful instruction sub-routines, eg, field device On/Off time scheduling, Demand Response and Peak Load Shedding Energy saving scenario's.
    • Standard Internet Explorer Web Browser for remote monitoring and control.