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RMx Programmable Controller

The RMx range represents a quantum leap in stand alone or networked building environmental control systems with an economical, small but very powerful flexible input/output control format complete Peer to Peer (P2P) coms++, Time Micron units, unitary systems such as HVAC, AHU, FCU, Heat Pumps, Chillers, Pumps, Fans, Dampers and Lighting systems can integrated and controlled with the SuperVZR Internet web server to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

The Micron RMx is ideal but not limited to use for Schools, Hotels, Hospitals, Offices, University Campuses, Residential to give big reductions in Energy costs.

    • Universal Inputs (UI = 7) link configurable to be Digital, Analog (0-5/10v) or Thermistor for maximum flexibility and additional optional CO2* or Humidity* sensor modules.
    • - Integral programmable keypad and LCD display for for maximum user control.
    • High input/output (1Tint/7UI/2AO/5DO) networked small form to reduce wiring costs by localized distributed nodes reducing cable runs back to larger controllers:- “Integrated Operational Node =
    • Up to 254 units per local twisted pair Modbus RS485 network gives unlimited modular expandability and integration with the BACnet and Modbus compatible SuperVZR scalable to +1500 Microns per SVZR Unit.

    • RTC Week/Day Time Schedules for stand alone operation with no need for Supervisor
    • Increased Digital Blocks from 32 to 96 for heavy duty programming requirements.
    • Multiple Ports per Project Page and Text Block Strings for Events/Alarms Display.
    • - Peer to Peer (P2P) Coms to act as a Master Supervisor to Micron Units on the DDC network.
    • Real Time History Trend Graphing Page for tuning, monitoring and control.
    • Back Lit Programmable LCD Display
    • 254 addresses setting on RS485 Modbus LAN
    • Type RMx: 15 I/O = 7UI, 1Tin, 5DO, 2AO - 24VAC/DC