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LEX DDC Controller

The Micron Lex represents a quantum leap in Modbus networked building environmental control systems with a rugged, reliable economical, small but very powerful flexible input/output control format.

  • By using the graphical programming application to easily and flexibly program Micron Lex units for OEM unitary systems such as HVAC, AHU, FCU, Heat Pumps, Chillers, Pumps, Fans, Dampers and Lighting systems, it can be BACnet integrated and controlled with the SuperVZR Internet web server to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

    The Micron Lex is ideal but not limited to use for Schools, Hotels, Hospitals, Offices, University Campuses, Residential to give big reductions in Energy costs.
    • Rugged, Reliable DIN mounted unit with 3 Year Warranty and UL* and CE Compliance.
    • Max 21 I/O = 6UI, 4DI, 6AO, 5DO (24VAC, 1A TRIAC) - (UI = Thermistor, DI, 0-10v or 0-5v)
    • Modbus standard RS485 Coms with up to 254 Micron units per network
    • Powerful graphical programming and strategy management.
    • On board Auxiliary 24VDC power supply for peripheral equipment.
    • Digital Input/Output expandability using IOM units for +30 I/O