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FC30 Web DDC Controller

The FCx WEB range of DDC field controllers offers unrivaled economic flexibility, scalability, power and openness in the building controls environment.

With 30 universal input/output points, Ethernet connectivity, WEB Server programming, configuration, monitoring and control with a standard browser, this gives the FCx WEB range true network openness. When used with the SuperVZR, BACnet and Modbus real time interfacing is very simple to third party BMS sub-systems such as Fire, Access and Lighting control systems providing state-of-the integrated BMS (iBMS).

  • The SuperVZR can also acts as the main server database and HMI to give peer to peer communication of Alarm, Trending, Control and Logging of all points on the DDC network system(s).
    • Multiple Input/Output Type – 8 Digital Inputs, 8 Analogue Input for current, voltage, resistance and temperature sensor, 8 Digital Outputs (relay), 4 Analogue Output (current and voltage), and two isolated Open Collector outputs (with PWM control) for high speed switching.
    • Web Browser Configuration - Built-in Web server enables configuration with popular web browser over an Ethernet connection. I/O status can be monitored over the Internet connection.
    • Ethernet Local Area Network (LAN) Coms. - can therefore utilise existing building network for retrofit upgrade.
    • Bridging Function -RS485 sub-network LAN capability.
    • Robust System Operation - built-in High accuracy Real Time clock with backup battery. Software and hardware watchdog timer are provided for high reliability operation.
    • Programmable/Standalone Functionality - can be configured to operate as standalone device. Over 40 types of programmable functions are available, typically thermostat, PID, scheduler, conversion, timer, utilities, totaliser etc.
    • High-Speed Data Rates - Multiple serial communications (RS485) speed selection from 9.6kbps to 115.2kbps.
    • Supports Ethernet 10Base -T/100Base-T interface, half or full duplex.